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Courses offered in the retreats

Guru Sakalamaa shares the wisdom of the sages gained through direct experience in her workshops and lectures on Srividya.

  1. Chandra Vijnana (The Mystery of the Moon)

  2. Dasha Mahavidyas

  3. The Mystery of Sri Vidya Tantra Sadhana

  4. Vijnana Bhairava Tantra

  5. Tithi Nitya Upasana and its effects

  6. Mantra Purusha (Tapping into the Universe)

  7. Chandrakala Namaskara (Mystic Moon Salutation)

  8. Chandra Vidya

  9. Soundarya Lahiri

  10. Soham Vidya

  11. Soma Mandala (House of Nectar)


NOTE: In the retreats guru Sakalamaa also initiates people in Tithi Nitya Upasana but that is not included in the retreat charges. The initiation fee or guru dakshina is separate and is based on prior request of the organizer and it can be made part of any of the retreats.

Tithi Nitya Upasana

The upasana of Tithi nitya Devi’s is based on different phases (tithi’s) of the moon from Amavasya to Poornima and Poornima to Amavasya. In the Upasana of tithi Nitya’s we worship 15 forms of shakti or devi. Each Devi has a particular mantra and each mantra requires Deeksha or initiation which is done by a competent srividya guru. The practice of tithi nitya is a very systematic practice taking an aspirant step by step in the path of sadhana working on different psychic centres called Chakras and channels of energy called Nadis leading to their purification and strength. The efficiency in the working of chakra’s and nadi’s not only helps in personal sadhana but also works on the personality of an individual to excel in everything one does and experience wellness and abundance in the external world.

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