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Lotus in Bloom

Jai Guru Bhagavathi

Guru Sri Sakalamaa is a practitioner of the Srividya Tantra path of spiritual attainment. Her achievements in life and spiritual sadhana are intertwined with the heritage of Himalayan sages and the Southern Indian Sri Vidyaranya Guru tradition.

From Jyothi to Guru Sakalamaa

Guru Sakalamaa was known by the name Jyothi Pattabhiram before. Her ordained name is Sri Purnashakthyamba. But among her disciples, she is belovedly called “Guruma”. Jyothi was born and raised in a middle-class family in Sagar, in the district of Shimoga, Karnataka.

She had a love for Bharatanatyam art & literature from a very young age. She then studied English literature and dedicated 30 years of her life as a professor of English at some of the most reputed colleges in Bengaluru. She excelled in Bharatanatyam, a skill she honed in her early years and went on to become a Bharatanatyam Guru. Meanwhile, Yogacharya Guruji Pattabhiram became her life partner. The couple flourished in their professional domain and extended their service to the community by imparting school education and sharing their art, dance, and yoga expertise.

For her achievement in the field of dance, she has received many awards such as “The Rajyotsava Award”, the highest civilian award of the government of Karnataka, “The Aryabhatta International Award”, “Yoganatyasaraswathi” by the Australia Kannada
Association to name a few.

Meeting the Gurus

A storm of transformation blew into the life of this professor of English Literature and Language at Maharani College when she came in contact with the Himalayan yogi and mystic - Guru Swami Rama. Swami Rama’s speech on ‘Shivayoga’ at the inauguration of the International Conference at JSS Institute, Mysuru created a miracle in Jyothi’s life. She became his disciple and went on to receive the supreme initiation of ‘Shambhava Deeksha’ in Sri Vidya from Swami Rama.

Swami Rama continued to mentor Jyothi in his subtle body after his physical demise. During this journey, Swami Rama guided Jyothi to the renowned scholar of music and esteemed Sri Vidya guru, Mahamahopadhaya Padmashri R. Satyanarayana(RaSa), so that she could delve into the Southern Indian tradition of Sri Vidya. Guru R Satyanarayana who is the continuum of the Sri Vidyaranya Tradition of Sri Vidya not only initiated Jyothi in the Southern Indian legacy of Srividya but also made her proficient in Bhavanopanishad, Vijnana Bhairava Tantra, Soundarya Lahari, Shiva Sutra, Tripura Rahasya, Sri Vidya Shodashika and several other such scriptures.

Guru Sakalamaa's Mission

Thus Sakalamaa weaves with her the magic of two powerful Guru lineages into one:  That is Swami Rama’s lineage from the Himalaya Bharati Tradition and R. Satyanandanath’s lineage from the Sri Vidyaranya Tradition. She has not only initiated several thousands on the path of tantra but also continues to educate people about the wisdom teachings of Tantra through workshops, lectures and podcasts at a national and international level. She has also conducted several spiritual workshops  in America, Canada, Australia, and England. In India her disciples are spread across several states like Karnataka, Delhi, Punjab and Hyderabad, to name a few.


The "Sadhana Vidyalaya School" run by the "Swami Rama Sadhana Dhama Ashram" near Ramanagara is thriving. Having served as the Chairman of the Sadhana Sangam Trust, she has retired and is currently guiding aspirants in Srividya Tantra Sadhana.

Guruma gives the Mantra initiations in “Chandra Vidya”, a vital and potent path of Srividya Tantra Sadhana which is suitable for practice in today’s fast-paced modern lifestyle. Sakalamaa who has received appropriate guidance and wisdom from Sages like Agastya, Durvasa, Bengali Baba, Swami Rama, R. Satyanarayana, and Sri Chandrashekhara Bharathi Swami of Sringeri Samsthana and is now bringing it to us in the form of a book for us to read and indulge. This book would serve as a beacon of light for generations of spiritual practitioners. The experiences recorded in this book are not only mind-boggling, eye-opening, and self-reflective but also leave the readers in a state of bliss, wanting to know more and more.

Guru Sakalamaa’s vision is to see this whole world transformed into a loving nest of harmony and peace not only outside but also within. Spirituality is the only way to translate this vision of the sages into reality! And she is determined to put her best efforts towards this and make it her life’s mission.

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